About Taticchi’s ceramics Perugia

Maria Antonietta Taticchi‘s Materia Ceramica is a workshop of machining and decoration of ceramic.

The story of this craft begins in 1975, when it is accepted as an apprentice in the workshop of Guido Montanari in Deruta; in 1986 she gives birth to her first workshop, The Well of ceramics (Il pozzo delle ceramiche): located as the current in the historic center of Perugia, offers a unique point of view and privileged on the wonders of the town and the Umbrian landscape.

The skills acquired by master craftsmen from Deruta is put at the service of a way of understanding the pottery painting completely original compared to the issues of the long artistic tradition umbra: the center of objects hand-painted by Maria Antonietta there are visions d ‘ all the territories of Umbria, landscapes and medieval towns, especially of Perugia, is the result of a careful prospective study, that of an uncommon dexterity in the use of the brush.

This is how the collection that are still proposed in the catalog of the ceramics “Materia Ceramica” (Ceramic Matter), “Visioni” (Visions), ” Paesaggio”(Landscape), “Alberi” (Trees) are a strong tribute to the places of choice in which they were conceived, the historic center of Perugia and the Umbrian countryside, the Lake Trasimeno and the hills that surround it.

But the new laboratory, active since 2015, also offers a new line of ceramics and innovative design by the project from which it takes its new name, “Materia Ceramica” in which the shapes of objects become the result of a sophisticated experiment that takes place in dynamically, creating completely original creations. Yet contemporary and innovative is the line of the Collection “Astratto” (Abstract), always of recent conception, by which applies less conventional idea of ​​painting, performed not only by brush but also by sponges and other tools.

Besides the everyday objects and decorative Materia Ceramica also offers jewelry and accessories designed and created entirely in the laboratory, not only so necklaces, bracelets, key rings, but also bow tie ceramic, all hand-painted and completely customizable.

What is accomplished by visiting the laboratory of Maria Antonietta Taticchi is then a journey into the world of ceramics to 360 degrees, which allows you to discover not only the stages of working with clay, but also places of historical interest and scenic, as well as methods innovative and original face of the ancient craft of the artisan.

Ceramics showroom

ceramiche artistiche taticchi perugia

Welcome on Materia Ceramica showroom!

Plates, cups , lamps , tables , panels … unique . A true craftsmanship , quality production , not quantity . The decoration is handmade in brush tip .

This is the Maria Antonietta Taticchi’s artistic umbrian ceramic workshop.

Each piece is unique . It follows that the objects will order will never be identical to the original and for the same reason more objects of the same shape and with the same type of decoration will be similar to each other , but never the same.

Perugia: the Umbria craft center

Laboratories, workshops and ateliers on Perugia city centre

The tradition of handicraft is a fundamental part of the history of Italian cities: all that means today “Made in Italy” is somehow the result of the life, work and the “know-how” that take place in the workshops. In these places it is implemented for centuries a number of unwritten teachings aimed at the creation of objects which are the expression of a strange mix of art, technology, geophysical characteristics, history and landscape of the land that host them. Referring to them so it is possible to speak not only to workshops, as a place where takes place only the sale of the object, but also laboratory, in which the craftman expresses himself and passed the technical skill, and also atelier, where technical knowledge becomes art recognized for its uniqueness.
Mechanization before and then digitization made immediate production processes at the expense of originality while, in the shops, you continue to quietly pass a knowledge growing old. For all these reasons, the artisan figure in the contemporary world is to be considered a sort of initiate at a mysterious art, increasingly need to be protected and rediscovery; so, i
n 2009, the cultural association “Artisan Workshops of the Historic Centre” was established in the historic centre of the city of Perugia, thanks to the insight of its President, Maria Antonietta Taticchi, and its members who, with their artistic artisan activities, characterized by tradition and innovation, promote craftsmanship in its widest and most evolved form.
The association focuses on activity planning, gives impulse to artisan work, carried out within the historic centre, an ideal setting due to its historical artistic importance, and is committed to diffusing, safeguarding and publicizing culture, the skills of craftsmen and their products.
Moreover, the association, in harmony with the Manifesto of Artistic Craftsmanship of 2001and with the International Charter of Artistic Craftsmanship of 2010, has as its goal: support and recognition by universities, professional schools, pertinent associations and institutions to become an integrating part of actions and projects leading to the study of the new artistic artisan situation within a contemporary context, to the education of new generations designed to encourage them to undertake manual activities and to make them capable of carrying out work, conceiving and planning projects, organizing meetings, seminars, exhibitions and events with the aim of improving effective communication concerning this sector which is so important for the growth of this city.


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