Artisan Ceramics Workshop

Materia Ceramica, 30 years of History

Materia Ceramica is Maria Antonietta Taticchi’s artisan workshop for crafting and decorating ceramics.

The story of this artisan begins in 1975, when she was accepted as an apprentice in Guido Montanari’s workshop in Deruta. In 1986, she set up her first workshop. The pottery well: which, as the current workshop, was located in the historic center of Perugia offering a unique and privileged viewpoint of the wonders of the Umbrian town and landscape.

The skill acquired from the master craftsmen of Deruta is reflected in the approach to painting on ceramics that is completely original with respect to the longstanding Umbrian artistic tradition. At the heart of Maria Antonietta’s hand-painted items are the overall views of the Umbrian territories, landscapes and medieval towns – especially Perugia; the result of both a careful study of perspective and an extraordinary manual skill in freehand painting.

Artistic Ceramics: The Original Collections

Thus were born the Collections that are still listed in Materia Ceramica’s Ceramics Catalogue. Visions, Landscape, and Trees pay homage to the locations of choice in which they were conceived: the historic center of Perugia and the Umbrian countryside, Lake Trasimeno and the hills that surround it.

However, Materia Ceramica, the new artisan ceramics workshop which opened in 2015, also offers a new line of innovative and design ceramics. The styles of the items are the result of a sophisticated experimentation that is implemented dynamically, thus resulting in completely original creations. The newly designed Abstract Collection line is also contemporary and innovative, by means of which a less conventional idea of painting is applied; not merely performed with a brush but also by means of sponges and other tools.

Ceramic Accessories and Contemporary Ceramics

Alongside household and decorative items, Materia Ceramica – Artisan Ceramics Workshop also sells jewelry and accessories designed and created entirely in the workshop: not only necklaces, bracelets, key chains, but also ceramic bow ties, hand-painted and fully customizable- and design items, such as the Pink-Lamp table lamp Pink-Lampmade from a 3D-printed prototype.

What one accomplishes by visiting Maria Antonietta Taticchi’s Artisan Ceramics Workshop is therefore a 360-degree journey into the world of ceramics which allows one to discover not only the stages of clay modeling, but also places of historical and scenic interest, as well as innovative and original methods of approaching the ancient trade of the artisan.

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