Maria Antonietta Taticchi

Maria Antonietta Taticchi

The artist and the Umbrian Ceramics Tradition

Materia Ceramica is part of the long and ancient Umbrian ceramics tradition, famous in the world thanks mainly to the ceramics of Deruta.
Umbria has a unique and important heritage of expertise in the field of ceramic work which is continuously enriched through research and innovation.

My ceramic working technique

I was born and work in Perugia, but I consider Deruta my second home.
I consider myself fortunate to have been able to meet so many master craftsmen over the years who have helped me and given me valuable advice. From the very beginning, every item in my Materia Ceramica workshop has been forged by Deruta’s master artisans.

The clay used by the potters of Deruta has multiple properties. Extracted from quarries near the Tiber River, it undergoes special refining processes that renders it malleable and easily shaped.
It has always been fascinating to go to Deruta and enter the workshop of a potter, observing his creations one by one to find the one that sets my creativity and imagination in motion.

Once I have chosen the terracotta item to be decorated, I take it to my workshop to polish it, dust it, dip it in a white glaze bath and let it dry. Finally, I touch up the dry piece which is finally ready to be painted.

L'artista maria Antonietta Taticchi mentre dipinge una sua opera - Materia Ceramica, Perugia, Umbria

Maria Antonietta Taticchi

Master Craftsman of Ceramic Material

My Decorating Technique

When I paint, I love to mix colors to obtain multiple shades.
Being able to paint the infinite variations of the green of a forest is a challenge for me; adding a touch of fiery red brings my ceramics to life.
For the painting, I use metal oxide earths and powders mixed with water which produce the color. I use long, soft-haired brushes that glide perfectly over the dusty, absorbent surface of the glazed item.

Learning the use of the brush in overglaze painting required a long period of practice for my hand to gain confidence. Today I perform freehand painting with immediacy and spontaneity: my hand flows as it’s driven by creativity.

My handmade ceramic creations tell the story of Perugia and Umbria: the history, culture, villages and nature that distinguish this beautiful area.

La decorazione

Maria Antonietta Taticchi

The artist paints his ceramics by hand

Art critic Claudia Bottini described my ceramics this way:
The skill acquired by the master craftsmen of Deruta blends with a way of understanding painting on ceramics that is completely original with respect to the longstanding Umbrian artistic tradition. The views of the Umbrian landscapes are at the heart of the functional ceramic pieces. The result of a careful study of perspective and extraordinary skill in freehand painting, the architecture of Perugia and its countryside replicated on plates, vases and lamps give the impression of being able to walk in them.”

The professional stages of Maria Antonietta Taticchi

Maria Antonietta Taticchi was born in Perugia in 1960.
– 1975: Learns the secrets and techniques of ceramics in Guido Montanari’s workshop in Deruta.
– 1981: Taticchi sets up her first ceramics workshop and founds L’Alveare Cooperative alongside her mother and young creative friends.
– 1983: Graduates from the Pietro Vannucci Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia.
– 1986: Artisan-owner of L’Alveare company and opens her own workshop, Il pozzo delle ceramiche, in the historic center of Perugia.
– 1989: Starts the Ermes company alongside artisans and experts in order to integrate artisan businesses.
– 1985: Promotes and successfully participates in numerous artistic craftsmanship exhibitions at a regional, national and international level.
– 1999: Creates the website:
– 2003: Creates a piece of work for the Municipality of Perugia which is installed in the paving of the square in Via dei Priori.
– 2009: Becomes president of the Associazione Botteghe Artigiane del Centro Storico (Association of Artisan Workshops of the Historic Center) and works to ensure that her city, once famous for Art and Crafts, becomes one again.
– 2013: Is also president of the Associazione Priori (Priori Association) for the redevelopment of Perugia’s Historic Center.
– 2015: In accordance with Executive Notice No.508 of 09.02.2015 of the Umbria Region, Taticchi is awarded the title of Master Craftsman and the recognition of the company as a Bottega Scuola (Laboratory School).
– 2015: Maria Antonietta Taticchi decides to renovate her workshop, change the name of the sign and the website. Thus, Materia Ceramica is born: a place where artisans, artists, creatives and designers meet and collaborate in order to create contemporary and innovative ceramics.
– 2015: Participates in the European edition of the international Maker Faire event with the Pink-Lamp project – designed and developed in collaboration with engineer Giacomo Benedetti.
– 2016: As president of the Articity Association and Master Craftsman, Taticchi contributes to
Umbria/Kazakhstan business and cultural cooperation project – promoted to diffuse the culture of Umbrian artistic handicrafts in the Eurasian country and encourage business growth in Kazakhstan.
– 2016/2018: As president of the Articity Association and Master Craftsman, Taticchi contributes to the implementation of the Erasmus+ Project New Technologies for Handicraft for the KA2 Program – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices Strategic Partnerships for Vocational Education and Training. Goals: creation of a training platform for the figure of the “new artisan”.
– 2017: Participates in EXPO CASA UMBRIAFIERE BASTIA UMBRA MARCH 4-12, 2017.
– 2017: Invited to Tokyo to display her pieces and demonstrate her own work at an event dedicated to Italian craftsmanship.
– 2018: Recognized as a woman artist and entrepreneur from FIDAPA BPW Italy.
– 2018: Invited to Tokyo to display her pieces and demonstrate her own work at an event dedicated to Italian craftsmanship.
– 2019: As president of the Articity Association and as Master Craftsman, Taticchi contributes to the creation of Erasmus+ OHAS Opening Heritage and Archeological Sites for People with Special Needs for the program KA2 – Strategic Partnerships – PROJECT NUMBER – 2018-1-PL01-KA204-051178
– 2019: Assigned the role of tutor within the PON Project “Attenzione Scuola al Lavoro” Identifier Code:10.6.6°-FSEPON-UM-2017-4 i PCTO for the module called “L’incontro con Articity” (Encounter with Articity), intended for 20 students chosen by the Istituto Tecnico Economico Tecnologico Aldo Capitini of Perugia.
– 2019: Invited to Tokyo, at Nihombashi Mitzucoshi, to display her pieces and demonstrate her own work at an event dedicated to Italian craftsmanship.
– 2020: Creates a ceramic panel for the facade of the Church of Sant’Agata in Perugia.
– 2021: Participates in online seminars Crafting Business, a refresher course on artistic and traditional crafts as part of Crafting Europe, a program funded by Creative Europe and developed in partnership with 8 European countries.