Personalized Ceramic Christmas Baubles

Palle di Natale in ceramica dipinte a mano - Materia Ceramica, Perugia Umbria

Personalized Ceramic Christmas Baubles

At Christmas time, we usually decorate our homes, offices and streets with the Christmas tree, Nativity scene, garlands and lights.
So, it’s almost time again for the ritual tradition of decorating the tree. Thus begins the competition among friends and family over the best ornament and decoration.

Palle di Natale in ceramica dipinte a mano - Materia Ceramica, Perugia Umbria

The Christmas bauble is among the various items required as it is a traditional and essential ornamental element.
It was likely a red apple that originally decorated the fir tree, which over time was replaced by decorative baubles of the most varied materials and colors that the imagination and creativity could produce.

At Materia Ceramica we, too, decorate our Christmas tree every year with custom hand-painted Christmas Baubles. In doing so, we add new details with different shapes and decorations every year.

So we thought we would show you all our ceramic Christmas decorations by enclosing them in the new Christmas Collection.

The Christmas Collection

The colors of the green Umbrian fields, red poppies, yellow sunflowers, the blue lentil fields of the Castelluccio plain, or the bell towers and gates of Etruscan and medieval cities are the focus of this collection of ceramic Christmas baubles.

All these decorations painted on the spherical surface make Maria Antonietta Taticchi’s personalized Christmas baubles precious and touching, but above all unique decorative pieces. Each piece illustrates, in great detail, a walk or a sight to remember, a landscape or simply a moment of inspiration.

If you are looking for personalized Christmas baubles or other ornaments to decorate your tree, or to make a unique and original gift, you can find them in the Christmas Collection.

Palline di Natale in ceramica dipinta a mano - materia Ceramica, Perugia, Umbria

Ceramics Furnishings

The uniqueness and elegance of these pieces and the opportunity to place them on their stand allow you to display these sought-after ceramic items all year round; thus enriching your home with unique pieces.

It is possible to request a painting of a landscape or its perspective so you can gift a memorable decorative ball that gives emotions!

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